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We deliver affordable, state-of-the-art health information technology solutions to our nation’s healthcare continuum.
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HIT Impacts is an organization formed by a partnership between OCHIN, Inc. and Health Choice Network. Our goal is to assist our nation's healthcare system in providing the best possible care for the patients they serve. In today's world, technology is a key component in meeting this goal. Yet mapping the connections between patient care and technology continues to be a challenge in most organizations. HIT Impacts provides consulting and information technology tools that help our healthcare providers take advantage of the benefits of integrating technology into a busy healthcare practice. The healthcare information technology (HIT) market (and the technology market in general) has moved from being a specialized, “cottage industry” to a large-scale service delivery model. More and more consumer and business applications are hosted in “the cloud,” and the cost advantages to size and scope continue to grow. These changes to the hosting market and the expectation of reduced federal funding for Health Center Controlled Networks naturally led to discussions of how the these two networks could reduce costs and expand services
HIT Impacts is the culmination of years of work in the healthcare market and a desire by our partner networks to continue to improve effectiveness and efficiency. HIT Impacts was formed for the following purposes:
Achieve greater value for healthcare providers as they improve quality and cost effectiveness of care delivery by jointly deploying state-of-the-art information technology
Achieve 1. Promote 2. Develop andImplement 3.
Our founding partners have a successful track record of providing expert assistance to community health clinics. HIT Impacts leverages that expertise on a national level and provides a platform for research and benchmarking.
Promote high-quality resources to support efficient and effective use of health information technology to improve quality and achieve Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition
Develop and implement a robust data aggregation and data analytics platform to measure outcomes, share best practices, and improve population health
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We strengthen our nation's healthcare system by leveraging technology to advance quality in healthcare.